A meeting with young military staff was held in Jojug Marjanli on the occasion of Youth Day 2.2.2019
A meeting with young military staff was held in Jojug Marjanli on the occasion of Youth Day
Raising the sense of patriotism of young people, their upbringing in the spirit of loyalty to people and the state are of the main goals of the youth policy pursued in our country. The President Ilham Aliyev pays careful attention to young people and creates necessary conditions for their success in public administration, culture, science, education and public activity spheres. Youth also play an important role in providing our country`s security and protecting its territorial integrity.

This was discussed at the meeting with young military staff held at the initiative of the State Committee for Refugees and IDPs and with the support of the Ministry of Defence in Jojug Marjanli, the liberated village of Jabrayil region.

Employees of the State Committee, veterans, members of martyr families, IDP activists and musicians attended the event dedicated to the 2nd of February – Youth Day. The purpose of the meeting was to demonstrate solidarity and moral unity with the young military staff that are in the forefront, face-to-face with the enemy and always ready to fight for the freedom of our lands.

Initially, the event participants visited the monument erected in memory of the martyrs who died in the battles for Lalatapa in April 2016. Then they met with soldiers, ensigns and officers in the military unit and got acquainted with their service and living conditions. Officers Niyazi Dadashov, Gahraman Abdullayev, Orkhan Nasirov said that young soldiers decently comply with the military service requirements and they honorably pay their debt to the homeland. It was noted that the Azerbaijani Army, with its strong material and technical base, ammunition supply and high fighting spirit, is superior to the enemy in all directions and is capable of winning any moment by fulfilling the battle order of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief. Our army showed it to the world with its victory in the April battles.

With the organization of the State Committee, gifts and presents made by internally displaced families were presented to the personnel of the military unit. There were necessary supplies for soldiers, hand knotted socks, Karabakh sweets, books about war heroes, and letters of internally displaced children in the boxes. In addition, a shirt on which the names of the martyrs who died in the liberation of Lalatapa hill were engraved and placed in a special frame by being signed by their family members and a clock decorated with military attributes were presented to the military unit.

Command of the military unit highly appreciated the initiative of the State Committee and presents brought for the personnel, and said that this meeting on the eve of the Youth Day raised the fighting spirit of young soldiers.

Adviser of the Chairman of the State Committee Nasimi Narimanov, martyr`s parents Ashraf Gahramanov and Alakbar Huseynov, participant of April battles, veteran serviceman Elshan Azimov made speeches at the meeting. Then, the meeting participants gathered in the military dormitory listened to the performances of the well-known singer, Honored Artist Ehtiram Huseynov, young singer Jumshud Karimli and a talented soldier serving in the military unit.

Participants of the event said they are confident that such meetings will be held one day in Karabakh, in the lands which will be liberated from the occupation.
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